Lund, BC

Sunshine Coast, Canada

since 1889


the Undiscovered!!



"Since the beginning of time . . ", the Lund area was inhabited by the Coast Salish people where they enjoyed the abundance of berries and shellfish, and it was referred to as Tla'Amin.

Lund's first European settler was Charlie Thulin (too-lin) who, in 1889, named the harbour "Lund" after a city in his home country, Sweden.  He built a dock on the harbour and set up a small store to supply passing boats.  Six months later, his younger brother, Fred, joined him.  Fred was in his late-teens and didn’t speak English so when Charlie went to pick him up at the Union Steamship dock, he discovered young Freddie had a shipping tag tied to his arm.

While they were logging the area, they discovered a demand for accommodations so they built the Malaspina Hotel on the site where Dave’s Parking is currently located.  It later burned down so a new hotel was built where the current Lund Hotel now stands.   As an interesting note, while they were demolishing the remains of the Malaspina Hotel, a skeleton was found in the cement pad under the front steps.

In 1929, the local residents wanted to build a community hall.  They formed the Lund Community Club and beachcombed some logs.  John Arpana on Sevilla Island had a mill and he milled the logs for the cost of the fuel that powered the mill.  He also kept some of the lumber for building boats.

The people of Lund started building the community hall in 1929 and it was erected completely by volunteers.  It had a hardwood floating dancefloor, banquet kitchen and lower level.  The Thulins donated the property to the Community Club but unfortunately the property exchange was never registered so when the Thulins later sold the property, the community hall was sold with it.  Today the old hall still stands uphill from the Lund Hotel but is in a sad state of repair and no longer usable.

Charlie moved to Campbell River and built the Willow Hotel which also later burned down.  Freddie stayed in Lund and married Eda who was also from Sweden.


Shellfish Capital of the Sunshine Coast