Lund, BC

Sunshine Coast, Canada

since 1889


the Undiscovered!!



Lund is located at “Mile 0” of Highway 101 at the north end of the Pacific Coastal Route (see route below) on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, only 120km north of Vancouver.

Drive to Lund?  If you are coming to Lund from Vancouver, go to the BC Ferries terminal at Horseshoe Bay.  Pay the toll then take the ferry (40-minute crossing) to Langdale.  Follow Highway 101 along the Sechelt Peninsula to Earls Cove and take another ferry (no toll, 50-minute crossing) to Saltery Bay.  Continue traveling north on scenic Highway 101, through the city of Powell River, until you reach Lund

Or, if you are traveling from Vancouver Island, go to the BC FErries Comox/Courtney terminal at Little River, pay the toll then catch the BC Ferries to Powell River (Westview). After you exit the ferry, turn left at the traffic lights.   You will find yourself northbound on scenic Highway 101 (aka Marine Avenue).  Follow this road through the city of Powell River until you reach Lund.

Fly to Lund?  Pacific Coastal Airline flies directly into Powell River from Vancouver.  You can rent a car from Budget (604-485-4131) at the airport.

Bus to Lund?  Bus service from the lower mainland has temporarily been suspended.  BC Transit Bus Service operates a bus from Powell River to Lund on Tuesdays and Fridays, otherwise a taxi will take you to Lund.

Boat to Lund?  Sail, paddle or otherwise float your way into the Lund Harbour and dock at the public wharf.

See the map below.


Shellfish Capital of the Sunshine Coast


Route from Lund, BC, Canada to Quellon, Chile


Hwy # From To


101 Lund, BC, Canada Horseshoe Bay, BC, Canada

99 Horseshoe Bay, BC, Canada Blaine, WA, USA

5 Blaine, WA, USA Olympia, WA, USA

101 / 1 Olympia, WA, USA

Capistrano Beach, CA, USA                           

5 Capistrano Beach, CA, USA Tijuana, Mexico

2 Tijuana, Mexico Santa Anna, Mexico

15 Santa Anna, Mexico Mexico City, Mexico

95 Mexico City, Mexico Acapulco, Mexico

200 Acapulco, Mexico Salina Cruz, Mexico

185 / 190 Salina Cruz, Mexico San Pedro Tapanatepec, Mexico

200 San Pedro Tapanatepec, Mexico Tapachula, Mexico

2 Tapachula, Mexico Conchagua, El Salvador

1 Conchagua, El Salvador Choluteca, El Salvador

24 Choluteca, El Salvador Chichandega, Nicaragua

12 Chichandega, Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua

2 Managua, Nicaragua Peñas Blanca, Nicaragua

1 Peñas Blanca, Nicaragua San José, Costa Rica

2 San José, Costa Rica Paso Canoas, Costa Rica

1 Paso Canoas, Costa Rica Panama City, Panama

3 Panama City, Panama Colon, Panama

ferry Colon, Panama Cartagena, Columbia

90 Cartagena, Columbia Ipiales, Columbia

35 Ipiales, Columbia Uliniza, Ecuador

39 Uliniza, Ecuador Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador

25 Santo Domingo Colorados, Ecuador Zarumilla, Peru

1A Zarumilla, Peru Sullana, Peru

1 Sullana, Peru Arica, Chile

5 Arica, Chile Quellon, Chile